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            Contact information

            電話:0512-66163555  66163358
            聯系人:吳經理 (13906133775)
            聯系人:小吳經理 (13771773533)
            聯系人:魯經理 (15950076032)
            聯系人:顧經理 (18013195003)

            關于我們 /about





            本著以市場為導向,以質量求生存,用戶至上,開拓創新的原則,本公司竭誠歡迎廣大用戶、社會各界同仁親臨指導。 目前我司產品已通過SGS測試,符合西方國家環保要求,深受進口國家歡迎!

            Suzhou Kai Teng Honeycomb Materials Co.,Ltd. is a concentration of the Cellular Materials Branch, engineering, integrating trade, professional development and production of paper honeycomb composite packaging material industrial companies. The company is located in the beautiful Suzhou, Suzhou Story national high-tech zone, Hu Shu Guan district Yangshan Science Park, Which has a high speed and convienient Shanghai - Nanjing link provided by the 312 State Road which runs through the park.
            Honeycomb Paperboard has many benefits over other packing materials; it is light weight, uses a low number of materials in production and is low cost. It is high strength, a good buffer, provides acoustic insulation, is pollution-free, and given the methods used in production it is easy to use recycled green materials to manufacture this packaging material.
            Kai Teng Honeycomb Materials Co. Ltd introduce sets electricity, light, liquid, gas, as one of the most advanced domestic cardboard full automatic production lines, Production of the cellular Paper Core specifications, cardboard, fire-retardant plates, trays, boxes, furniture cushion sandwich boards, insulation boards, and so on, is wooden pallets, wooden box, the best alternative to EPS foam products, particularly applicable to foreign trade export packaging transport. Currently, the Honeycomb Paperboard is been widely used in packaging and construction industries, and has broad market applications.
            Kai Teng Honeycomb Materials Co. Ltd has a skilled professional production team including experienced packaging design and development professionals and a strong product development team, meaning we can quickly deliver high quality products and can also meet various user product packaging design demands.
            In a market oriented industry we believe high quality products are a necessity for the survival of a business; credability, user focus and a firm belief in innovation and the production of pioneering products are also principles we believe strongly in. Kai Teng Honeycomb Materials Co. Ltd Wholeheartedly welcomed every client in our large portfolio and has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response from all of our clients. At the same time, we are constantly guided by input from all of our clients and others within the industrial community.
            Recently Kai Teng Honeycomb Materials Co. LTD has passed the SGS product testing and satisfied the level of environmental protection required to be in line with western standards so importing countries are now welcome to use our excellent products!

            電話:0512-66163555 ?66163358
            蘇ICP備10223107號 技術支持:仕德偉科技